In-cab printing take-up surges at Palletways

01.06.2017 –
Innovative technology, developed by Palletways UK, designed to speed-up the process of palletised freight delivery has been adopted by over 90% of the network’s members.

In-cab printing technology was unveiled as an industry-first by Palletways in late 2016. Since then, over 90% of the 100+ network member depots have lined-up to equip their fleet with the devices which enable drivers to print and apply pallet information in-cab at a customer site.

Dave Walmsley, Palletways UK Managing Director, said: “We’ve received overwhelming interest about in-cab printing from our members. The popularity of these innovative, industry-first units has exceeded our expectations. We see in-cab printing as a selling point to attract new members to our network now and in the future.

“The roll-call technology for our members is packed with award winners and industry firsts, for example our ETA system which provide a two-hour time notification delivery window for customers. These cutting-edge developments provide our members with competitive advantages in the express freight network marketplace.”

The devices were introduced in response to feedback from members about what technology would support them to provide customer service excellence and higher customer satisfaction. Previously, time-consuming pallet label printing and application would normally have taken place in a member depot in instances where a customer could not print at their premises.

In-cab printing drivers to print and apply pallet information in-cab at a customer site. Pallets can then be loaded straight from collection vehicles onto trunk vehicles that return to one of Palletways four hubs in the UK. This process avoids depot labelling and speeds-up the process of pallets moving from the customer to the hub.

Paul Adams, Transport Manager at Walkers Transport, said: “It couldn’t be more perfect. The system is a big step forward for Walkers Transport as this technology helps us to manage pallet delivery and dispatch more quickly and efficiently.

“The system ensures that our customers can not only maximise return on investment, but also have a future proofed printing solution. It also means we don’t have to spend precious time manually processing orders or worrying about remedying human errors. The printing functionality adds efficiency to our hub operations and provides manageable, unified view of our business.”