Palletways Group supports Gloucestershire-based White Horse Energy to expand into Italian markets

The Palletways Group, Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised freight network, has launched a new distribution service through its partnership with White Horse Energy, a Cirencester-based biomass fuel company new to the Italian market.

White Horse Energy has over nine years of experience delivering high quality, kiln-dried wood and pellets – Firepower Pellets – to over 20,000 clients across the UK. Now, the company is taking its product to the largest domestic pellet-burning nation in the world where Italy heats some 3 million tonnes of pellets each year.

The service integrates Palletways’ Application Programming Interface (API), a set of protocols for building application software, into White Horse Energy’s information system. This innovative use of technology means the shipment is prepared immediately after the order is made.

As a result, the customer can decide when to receive their order and can see the progress of their order. Through Palletways, White Horse Energy also offer a dedicated customer service system.

Stuart Fitzgerald, owner of White Horse Energy, said: “We’re delighted to start our new distribution service to Italy which opens-up a new chapter for our business. We’ve a long-established relationship with Palletways and they’ve provided the technical expertise required to move our product across the continent. The new service is practical and quick as we supply our customers in Italy with kiln-dried wood and pellets directly to their home.

“When we started to sell online in the UK in 2008, pallets were considered a standard for the B2B market but deliveries of palletised freight to private addresses was rare. This new opportunity to take our services into Italy is very exciting for White Horse Energy, especially given Italy’s burning interest in pellet stoves.”

Mike Harrison, Palletways UK Operations Director, added: “Palletways is in the business of using our industry-leading approach to innovation and technology to benefit the aspirations of our customers to export to new markets. We’re proud to provide White Horse with a helping hand into the Italian market through our network and software systems. Our commitment to innovation is one of the reasons why we are Europe’s number one palletised freight networks.”

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